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What is a Birth Center?

Empowering Our Mamas in Natural Birth

Nurture Yourself During Pregnancy

Help Children Adjust to Pregnancy

Omega-3 Vitamin Tricks

The Importance of Protein

Prenatal Vitamin Tips



We have a library full of informative / educational books waiting for you to check out.

Websites - Learn more about the option of waterbirth. - This blog and author are not affiliated with Bloomin’ Babies Birth Center. Where women who experience difficulties Trying To Conceive (TTC) meet and share their stories. - A go-to source for finding current, unbiased, and fact-based information on pregnancy and childbirth. Sleep Guide - Children's sleep guide for parents. Sleep for New and Expecting Parents - Learn about how to improve your routines and sleep hygiene in order to reduce consistent sleep deprivation through pregnancy and for new moms and dads.

Cerebral Palsy Group - Learn more about birth injuries and how to prevent them.

Independent Classes

These independent classes are approved for registration for care at Bloomin’ Babies Birth Center. Some are hosted in our classroom.

Birth-n-Babies: Preconception, Early pregnancy, Birth ABC’s, Birth Refresher, and Breastfeeding classes
970 812-5658

Bradley Method
Katherine Bell

Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis
Miranda Richardson

Birthing Boot Camp
Angela Bunnell

Complimentary Local Birth Services

Two Rivers Birth Cooperative: Birth doula and placental encapsulation.
Laurel Ripple Carpenter
970 219-7156

Birthsmart: Non profit organization dedicated to empowered birth in the Grand Valley through education.

Amy Hill Fife: Women’s pelvic health
970 589-9049