New possibilities for your journey into motherhood.


We pride ourselves on creating a warm, safe birth place to bring your baby into this world. Giving birth is a sacred rite of passage for every mother.  We honor the natural capability of your body to give birth.

Here are some of the benefits to choosing a birth center like Bloomin' Babies Birth Center:

Midwife Meets With Pregnant Woman
Labor and birth are supported as normal life events.
— Cristen Pascucci


We are advocates for informed choice, shared decision making, and the right to self-determination. Your preferences and needs are our first priority.  

At the Birth Center you and your family create the experience that will be the most meaningful to you and help start your family in the best possible way.  

Birth centers have outcomes consistent with hospitals but greatly reduce unneeded cesareans.


Research shows that birth centers births are as safe if not safer than hospital births. At the Birth Center we have created a comprehensive program to support you in having a natural birth and reduce your chance of needing a c-section birth. In the event that you need more support we have a transfer plan with St. Mary’s hospital just a block away.

The Birth Center is made up of a team of highly qualified health care professionals that are accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers

We work together to make Bloomin' Babies Birth Center a wonderful birth place.

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We understand the importance of listening to your body.


We wanted to treat women the way that we want to be treated ourselves. For this reason we created a place that had all the comforts of home, including a kitchen, toys for other children and room for you to personalize your space. We support you in all ways through the birthing process by allowing you to wear your own clothing, eat when you feel hungry, soak in a tub or have a water birth.

We use fewer interventions because as you labor the midwife will work with you to keep your options open throughout the birth. Nitrous Oxide is also available for pain management.

Birth Center births are often less expensive than hospital births.
— American Assoc. of Birth Centers


Birth Center birth = $

Hospital vaginal birth = $$

Hospital cesarean = $$$

We accept Medicaid and most forms of insurance. Learn more about your billing options here. Or call us at 549-1711 to see if your insurance qualifies.

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We are accepting new clients.  Referrals can earn $25.  Click the button below to learn more.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page if you need more information about the Birth Center.

Midwife owned and operated.


Bloomin' Babies is a CABC accredited birth center owned by midwife Patty Kandiko and her husband and business partner, Dick Kandiko. Our midwives partner with you before, during, and after your natural birth to support you in achieving the best outcomes for you and your baby.

Visit our about us page to learn more about our story.


Certified Nurse Midwives

  Patty Kandiko  Certified Nurse Midwife, Owner

Patty Kandiko
Certified Nurse Midwife, Owner

  Jeana Smith  Certified Nurse Midwife

Jeana Smith
Certified Nurse Midwife

  Karin VanderVelde  Certified Nurse Midwife

Karin VanderVelde
Certified Nurse Midwife


Midwifery Services


Support Team

Dick Kandiko

Co-Owner, Billing

Aimee Baxter

Registered Nurse

Cindy Kisselman

Lactation Consultant

Nona Wiley

Registered Nurse

Lacy Smith

Registered Nurse

Jamie Lewis

Registered Nurse

Faith Hill

Registered Nurse

Bloomin’ Babies Birth Center is in Grand Junction, Colorado serving the Western Slope and Eastern Utah.

We're located right next to St. Mary's Hospital at 2241 N 7th St.