Colorado Birth Center

Welcome to Bloomin’ Babies Birth Center in Colorado — a warm, safe place to bring your baby into this world. Giving natural birth is a sacred rite of passage for every mother.  We honor the natural capability of your body to give birth. Our midwives partner with you before, during and after the natural birth to support you in achieving the best outcomes possible for you and your baby. Beginning January 2016 we will be offering as an option for women in labor nitrous oxide to assist them in coping with the challenge of labor. To learn more about this option visit our natural birth center and meet with our midwife Patty Kandiko.  Call (970) 549-1711.

We offer supportive health care from Pregnancy Week by Week to Natural Childbirth, including Water Birth. We partner with local childbirth educators to offer classes and Natural Birth Resources.

Come and see for yourself! Register for an free Orientation and Tour at our natural birthcenter.

Listen to the early story of the opening of the Bloomin’ Babies Birth Center in Grand Junction: